Winter Lipstick Combos

Twas’ the night before having to drop off my kid to preschool and I found myself playing around in my lipstick drawer like we all do, so I decided to group together some of the recent colors I’ve been wearing and a few I intend to wear throughout the rest of the season.  Was that just a run-on sentence I wrote? Ok, here we go.



1. MAC Verve Lipstick.  MAC’s Verve is one of their original first lipstick shades created.  This is the 90’s shade on trend right now moreso than infamous Kylie Jenner’s MAC Soar Lip Pencil obsession.  No really, research it and you’ll find out that this is the exact shade girls on the runway were wearing in the 90’s.  It’s a beauty and I owned this way before this trend came back because blotted its very classy and gentle.  I’ve been through several of these tubes.

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