Small Sephora Haul and Rouge Status

I know this is a tiny haul but I wanted to post it while the sale was still going on. Sephora is selling the Urban Decay Smoked Palette for $20.00 when it retails regularly for $49.00. The full sized 24/7 liner that comes with it has a value of $18 alone and who doesn’t use a black liner for something? Super duper value. It is sold out at Ulta but still available at Sephora and Urban Decay. I hear they are getting ready to discontinue the palette.

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Mascara Monday: Blue Mascara feat. Almay

Applying a thick couple layers of blue mascara on the lashes can be unexpected eye brightening and opening. Be it a royal blue or a sharp electric blue, the color automatically reflects in the eye and camouflages the yellow to make it appear more white.

These concepts come easy to me because my primary interest in life has been art and I understood color theory very early on.  I think if I hadn’t studied art and for those not particularly interested in it, color theory can be confusing.  Color theory does apply directly to makeup and camouflage concepts. If you apply a blue shade of eyeliner, eye-pencil or kohl to the inner rim of your eyes, it can trick people into seeing your eyes as much brighter, glowing and whiter than they actually are. This same concept can be done alternatively by using a blue tinted mascara, particularly for those with small or deepset eyes such as the ones I have. If I use a darker color in the rims of my eyes it can appear to close them in even smaller.


Now take caution if choosing the electric blue shade, you may give off a 1980′s vibe. Though if that’s your flava, then hit it. However I prefer the more modern blue shades of mascaras like the one from the Dior, DiorShow line, Chanel’s Le Volume De Chanel, YSL Babydoll or the more budget friendly one I’m loving right now, Almay’s Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara in Sapphire. These shades are much more subtle in color.


A few additional tricks I’ve been pulling is to apply it as the final coat over black or brown mascara (I’ve tried it on both and it worked) or just apply it to the tips of the top lashes only. Again, it’s a subtle effect but it works! Another thing I like to do is use a navy eyeliner to the top lash line and to the tightline area but leaving the bottom waterline either unlined or using a beigy colored one.

The photo below shows me wearing a navy blue liquid liner (Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Navy Blue) then I used a brown mascara and with the same navy liquid liner, I painted the individual lashes with the liquid liner.



Travel Haulage and Travel Essentials

So I have been hauling excessively lately. I have been traveling a lot too. Unfortunately the traveling hasn’t been for pleasure but moreso for medical reasons. Here are a few of the things I’ve purchased. I’m not going to swatch the Naked palettes unless I get a request from someone, I feel like there are plenty of good swatches out there. I’d be happy to do it if someone wants me to or wants a picture of a specific color etc., just ask. Continue reading

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smoky Longwearing Shadow-Pencil Review and Swatches


Maybelline: Mastering the smoky eye has never been easier. 2 simple steps: 1) Draw thick line 2) blend with expert smudger ultra saturated pigments in a creamy blendable formula. Ultra saturated pigments glide on in a creamy formula for long-lasting, sultry color.


So this pencil in theory is supposed to create an easy smoky eye. Yes, you can achieve a smoky eye but there are a few problems with this pencil. So it does smoke out REALLY nicely, however it dries in super speed time, like the second you apply it, it dries. You have to IMMEDIATELY smudge. This is super problematic when you are trying to make the line across your lashline. What’s even more problematic is that it doesn’t like to layer upon itself. So really you’d have to 1. make the perfect shaped line across your lashline first try 2. Get the exact amount of liner (thickness) on your lid portion that you want. 3. Smudge it all at once and immediately before it dries because it doesn’t like layering and you end up tugging on your skin badly once it has dried.  4. After the first couple of uses the pencil shape naturally dulls down to a rounded shape making it a nightmare to use near the lashline.  I can’t think of trying to create a smoky eye with this pencil and not starting at the lashline.  There are a million different ways to create a smoky eye but using a pencil like this you could only begin at the lashline.  5.  It’s claim to easy removal is false.  I washed twice with both MAC Cleansing Oil and Philosophy Purity and there was STILL product fishing around.  And finally, I chose the shade Scorching Brown.  When I swatched and smudged it out  on my hand (see photos below) it was a flat dark brown.  However by the mysteries of the universe or through smoky pencil magic, on my lids a very slight shimmer showed up! Hmmm.

Let me just say that I do like the pencil, would I repurchase? In a pinch, yes. For instance, I’m traveling somewhere and I don’t want to take brushes, eyeshadow… and all I really want to do is throw on a little liner and mascara. Otherwise, I would never think about purchasing it.