Dior 5 Couleurs 646 Montaigne & 796 Cuir Cunnage Swatches and Review

Short review, swatches, dupes of Dior 5 Couleurs 646 Montaigne and 796 Cuir Cunnage.


646 Montaigne




796 Cuir Cunnage




These are the newly formulated and packaged quints that Dior semi-recently released. They retail $60.00.


So here’s the thing, in reference to swatches…these appear to not be so pigmented.  This is moreso when you are swatching them for yourself at home.  I swatched these heavily for photo/blog purposes.  These shadows have a sophistication to them that is unique to mid/high end range shadows such as Mac.  Mac shadows can be hard and patchy.  Urban Decay shadows are smooth but powdery.  These are soft, not powdery, have zero fallout and blend amazingly.  They have a delicate or sophisticated pigmentation which I prefer over those shadows that have such good pigmentation that they take a tremendous amount of time to blend.  You know what I’m saying right, when one color won’t blend with another color because the first color is so pigmented?  I hope my points are coming across.  These are great, effortless would be the best word for them.  Perhaps they’d be boring for the artistic eyeshadow enthusiast.