Tom Ford Bronzer and Cheek Brush


This is just my quick thoughts on these brushes in case you are thinking about purchasing them for the upcoming Sephora VIB sale.  I’ve been diehard for my Bobbi Brown bronzer and blush brush for about 4 years now. But with all the hype surrounding the Tom Ford bronzer brush, I was certain it would be as amazing as they say. Well much to my surprise I don’t love it. I’m back to using my BB bronzer brush and use the TF bronzer brush for my blush application. Now the TF cheek brush is a different story entirely. I honestly don’t hear much about it either but I’m in love with it. I don’t use it for blush but use it for my contour and it’s my new holy grail for that use.  In terms of softness the Bobbi Brown brushes are very much on par with the Tom Ford, there “may” be a hair difference with the Tom Ford being perhaps “slightly” softer? I’m not even certain of that, they have different textures and are both made of natural hair but I wouldn’t say that the TF are incredibly different than the quality of Bobbi Browns brush hair.  Overall the brushes are nice brushes but in my opinion a luxury not necessity to have in your collection.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush $115
Tom Ford Cheek Brush $78


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