Charlotte Tilbury Collection and General Thoughts


Charlotte Tilbury can be found at Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman and where I purchase most of mine, Beautylish.  The following thoughts are based on 6+ months of working with the products.  They are my general opinions and vary positive and negative.  Should you have any questions just leave a message below and I’d be happy to answer.

I think Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadow quads ($52.00ea.) are super high-quality but not perhaps as good as the Tom Ford eyeshadows for which these are rumored to be duped after. If you were unfamiliar, Charlotte Tilbury was the creative director for Tom Ford’s cosmetic line for a very long time. Since she had a hand in developing the majority of his cosmetics before she branched out, they are very close in quality but they are at a better price point. If I had to choose I do still prefer Tom Ford. Charlottes eyeshadows are however superior to say MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay cosmetics etc., and they’re worth purchasing.


The Vintage Vamp quad


The Rock Chic quad

The Colour Chameleon in Amethyst Aphrodisiac ($27.00ea.) is a good all over eyeshadow pencil but is it amazing? No. I do not have any intentions of buying any of the other pencils just because I’m not overly wow’d by the one I purchased. I have been tempted to try the other colors particularly the champagne colored one but have not done it yet. They are spendy for what they are. It’s hard to justify purchasing something solely based on its color and not basing the purchase on its formula.  They all have multidimensional glitter particles.

Rock N’ Kohl ($27.00ea.) to me is a basic liner, they are very similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. They feel exactly the same in the waterline for me which is uncomfortable. I don’t feel that they are special in any other way other than it is a good product that is interchangeable with any other high-end liner on the market.

The Classic Eye Powder Pencil ($22.00ea.) however is fantastic and is unique in that there are only a few brands that do a powder eyeliner pencil formula. Elizabeth Arden being one of the few do a powder pencil but this pencil is a great one. It is a great way to do a smoky eye and smudge with your finger similar to a basic kohl but maybe even easier to blend. Lasting power will not be there with a powder pencil but for smoky eyes, smudgy eyes and rock ‘n’ roll eyes that’s not the point to be lasting or perfected. I do believe it’s worth the money and is softer and nicer than Elizabeth Arden’s.


L to R: Rock N’ Kohl, The Classic

The Lip Cheats ($22.00ea.) are everything that everybody talks about and 100% worth the money. They are soft, blendable yet have super good staying power. They are nowhere near as hard as the MAC Cosmetics lip liners, they are not as sticky-slip as the Urban Decay cosmetics liners, they are a very comfortable happy medium. The color Pillow Talk is my exact lip color so I can overline and it looks super natural and perfect, just as all the hype claims it is an amazing color and formula. I highly recommend the Lip Cheats.

L to R: Pillow Talk, Iconic Nude

The Norman Parkinson collection was a limited Edition collection however you can find it in some places. The only thing I picked up from that collection was the Colour of Youth Healthy Happy Lip and Cheek Glow ($58.00ea.) and to me it was worth the money and is equally great on the lips as on the cheeks. It does stay on the cheeks without being greasy as we know that some cream blush can look like then dissapear after a couple hours. This is a versatile product and one of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s all-time favorite products. For a good reason.



I think that charlottes lipsticks ($32.00ea.) in all of her different formulas are fair. I think it’s a good lipstick but I don’t think it’s the best lipstick.  I don’t think they are a $32 lipstick. I like Urban Decay lipsticks a whole lot more. I think this might be a personal preference but I find them to be somewhat patchy moreso in reference to the matte formula and literally hard pressed in the glossy formula (you have to drag it across your lips). They are comfortable once on but ultimately I have a love-hate relationship with her lipsticks. I will not be purchasing any more of them.


L to R: Penelope Pink, Very Victoria, Walk of Shame, Birkin Brown

There has been much controversy over the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic Balm ($35.00ea.). Most people say that it is not worth the price tag I however disagree. I absolutely love it and do think that is nourishing and feels super amazing. I do not feel that there is something similar that I can think of on the drugstore market. I do feel it is unique and worth the extra cash in my opinion. Again I feel like this is a very personal item and everybody has a different importance level and standard that they place on a balm.

Her eye brushes ($34.00 per eye brush) have been by far my favorite purchase from the brand. They are outstanding quality. They’re soft, precise and they’re worth every single dime I spent on them. I will be collecting the remainder of the brush collection. I do highly recommend picking them up, they are an investment worth investing in.


L to R: CT Smudger, CT Blender. MAC 239


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