Kevyn Aucoin (Siena) Neo Bronzer: an explosion, restoration, replacement, swatch and thoughts.


The Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer (Siena) retails for $58 and can be currently found in numerous places including Sephora and my favorite shopping spot Beautylish.

Kevyn Aucoin: Neo Bronzer maximizes skin’s glow with vibrant, luminous color. The blush adds bright color to liven the skin, while the bronzer adds pure warmth and skin dimension. The highlighter reflects light for a radiant look.

It comes in two versions: Siena (warm coral) and Capri (cool pink). I purchased Siena, the coral version.

I purchased mine from Beautylish as they were one of the first to release this bronzer plus their customer service and shipping is OUTSTANDING.  When she arrived though, I knew immediately there was going to be a problem when I saw traces of coral powder on the outside of the product box.  Sure enough I took it out and it was shattered on both ends.  The powder is EXTREMELY soft.  It is so soft its almost impossible to ship (imo).  For blending though, its a luxurious soft silk dream!  The product in general is a complete dream and worth the cash. But I do warn and highly suggest that you purchase it in person and check the box before walking out the door.

Explosion, restoration and swatch.


Prior to attempting to fix it, I certainly called the company and customer service was fantastic with me and did send out a replacement after providing proof of the damage.  I completely understand that policy considering everyone would call claiming broken product if not.  I did receive the replacement very fast and in perfect condition.

Considering that it arrived broken on both ends it would only be a matter of time before the center would come crashing out because of the velvet soft powder milling.  I knew that I’d have to reinforce the sides (whether usable or not) if I wanted to at least get a swatch and use the center.  Typically when you press or repress a powder into a pan you’d use alcohol.  I knew immediately that this powder was way too finely milled for alcohol and it would re-crumble upon proper dry time.  So instead I decided to use a glycerin (“a dab of glue”- glycerin has a “hold”) based product to make the paste and press.  It totally worked and I can still use both sides, it did not make the hard-pan consistency one would think! So should something like this occur to you, try using a facial setting spray (facial mist) like MAC Fix+ that is glycerin based. I just happened to have Farmacy Skin Dew sitting in my makeup bag at the time.


The look I came up with using this face palette. Eyes: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.  Lips: Jeffree Star Mannequin Velour Liquid Lipstick, topped with NARS Guyana lip gloss.



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