Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks: Quick Swatch & Review

UPDATED 7-22-16:

Jeffree re-gramed one of my pics and I’m super excited and thankful to him.  Thank you JS


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks retail for $18.00 ea.  You can purchase them from his site directly at or my preferred location Beautylish.  I personally find that Beautylish gets them out much quicker.  As many of you know though, he sells them in batches and are nearly always out of stock with some of them returning and some of them not.  He also releases limited edition colors in batches further pushing the “craze” and limited quantity sales tactic getting people to rush because they aren’t sure when or if a shade will ever show up for sale again.  I have personal thoughts and opinions on sales tactics but that won’t be part of this PRODUCT review.

Another topic I won’t be touching in this review is the current drama surrounding him and situations in his past.  You can look that up and decide for yourself.  At the end of the day his products are high quality, worth the money, worth the hassle and his personal/professional life aside from his cosmetic line is his business.

There is certainly a difference in consistency within the shade range.  The darker shades are thicker and have a moussse-like texture,  whereas the lighter nude shades are watery and lightweight.  They all consistently provide excellent coverage and are for the most part comfortable for liquid lipsticks.


This limited edition box set was purchased at Beautylish and tactically smart he had a different limited edition box set selling at his site at the same exact time.  Both sets on the sites sold out under 30 minutes.  Both limited edition box sets had one shade different among them with the “different” shade being sold out separately from the sets though they would later be sold separately for a very short time.  I suppose from a business aspect it was smart.


T to B: Mannequin, Gemini, Rose Matter, Masochist, Unicorn Blood



Wearing Masochist, my favorite shade.






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