NARS Velvet Shadow Stick & Lip Gloss Reviews



NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Goddess ($28.00): A creamy, blendable eye shadow packaged in a convenient, portable stick. Effortlessly swipe on these matte to multidimensional eye shadows. These twist-up shadows feature eye-catching shadows that blend and set. Perfect for wearing alone or under or over another eye shadow, this long-lasting formula glides on easily without skipping or dragging, and it won’t fade, smudge, or crease throughout the day.

NARS Lip Gloss in Guyane ($24.99): NARS Lip Gloss covers your lips in sophisticated shine and stunning color with its nourishing, smooth formula that lasts. The doe-foot applicator is designed to glide across your lips for comfort, precision and an enviable finish.



First and foremost as you hear all bloggers say… I am asking that you trust that I am being honest. This is my first PR sample from NARS and if you yourself are a blogger you’ll already know that NARS is a tough cookie to get into and their PR team doesn’t often send samples to those that are up and coming in the blogging world. Needless to say, this was a true honor to be contacted by NARS. And with that being said I think I was chosen because I am brutally honest, my reviews and site information is honest and my content is a bit more unique than that of what’s typical of the blogging community.

Id like to begin my product review with my thoughts on the Lip Gloss. The question that we care about most… is it sticky? No, it’s not a sticky formula. It is satin-like and comfortable most comparable to MAC Cremesheen Glass. Next to the Cremesheen Glasses, this is the only other formula of gloss that I’ll wear. Now the color though will not be for everyone. Being as pale as I am I happen to love the color and can pull it off. It’s fantastic as a topper and fantastic for pushing a lipstick down a shade. I happen to love this gloss over top of MAC lipstick in Angel making it a to-die-for baby doll bombshell pink. In the famous words of Bunny (Grav3yardgirl): DO RECOMMEND!

Now let’s get to discussing the shadow stick. I have included photos of other shadows for shade comparison at the bottom of the post. It’s a beautiful pink-based gold. It has a very fine metallic sheen to it that is complimentary to any skin type at any age. Its formula is outstanding, a formula that layers on and blends in effortlessly. It does go on evenly (despite what other reviewers have stated) and has perfect opacity. It lasted as a base all day for me and lasted all day as a stand alone shadow.

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick formula is nearly identical in consistency, opacity and longevity to that of the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. Temptalia gives LM sticks an “A” in grade while she gives the NARS Velvet Shadow Sticks a “C” (“C” in this shade as well as a “D” and “F” in other shades). I have multiple shades in both the LM sticks and the NARS sticks and tested them against each other in which I discovered that they are indeed almost identical.

With NARS you get .05 oz of product at a cost of $28.00 per stick, which is ironically the identical amount you get with LM. I have not gone through the ingredient list line item by line item but I’d be willing to guess that it is if not but nearly identical to each other. My point is… that just because one person gives a product a “C” or “F” doesn’t mean that it’s true. I personally believe that there is no way Temptalia has the time to honestly review all the products that she receives. And thank goodness there are plenty of other beauty bloggers out there to give their opinions. It should be about quality over quantity and I wish that was the work ethics behind every blogger but it just isn’t. Now it isn’t my intention to bad mouth other bloggers in any capacity but I just have to call a spade a spade when I feel like a product is getting a bad rap.  I think she’s probably an awesome person and her site is undoubtedly helpful at times.  My only gripe is that because of her popularity, following and site hit count people are likely more inclined to believe her opinion over smaller blogger sites that actually take the time to give honest reviews. And sadly if enough people read a particular review and sales then plummet based on that review, a company may be inclined to discontinue a perfectly good or in this case, great, product.

My finally word on these two products is that they are wonderful and quality products as you would expect from NARS. I can only hope that people give them a try.

*Shadow sticks L to R: Nars Goddess, Laura Mercier Rose Gold, Laura Mercier Sugar Frost

**Third photo: MAC Pigment in Melon, NARS Goddess

***Lipgloss L to R: Nars Guyane, MAC Cremesheen Glass You’ve Got It


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