Tom Ford Haul, Swatches & Keeping Life Simple


So I’m in this new frame of mind, of keeping life a lot more simple than I did in previous years. I’m definitely not about new years resolutions, though one could classify this new thought process as that but it wasn’t intended that way. I want to keep purchases very tight and do a lot less hauling. I’d like to keep my purchases mindful, thoughtful and limit them to key quality items. I also shredded my collection down to only keeping a handful of any given type of item (i.e. blush, eyeliners etc.). I have high hopes of keeping things streamline, we’ll see! Anyhow I only (as if those three didn’t break the bank! Ha!) purchased three items from the Tom Ford line which I might add is my first time trying anything from this brand.

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Thingamabobs: Childhood Nostalgia Collections

Am I the only thirty-something year old that collects weird childhood objects?  What I mean is I have a weird need to collect things that were super meaningful to me when I was little.  Luckily my mom also kept my childhood toys of the 80’s which again, luckily I took super good care of.  I’m going to do an entire post about 80’s toys another day.  But today I wanted to post about a childhood obsession that I had then and still have with erasers.  Yep, you read it right, erasers.  I had/have an obsession with collecting pens, pencils, pencil toppers, pencil grippers and more importantly erasers.  I remember in school we had pencil and eraser vending machines much like the old-skool bubble gum twist/crank vending machines.  NOT modern day dollar bill drop down machines.  If I remember right, a bright beautiful color foil swirl pencil was a whopping .25 cents!   And of coarse those where never the ones that would come out when I put my precious .25 cents in and cranked the dial.  What did Sarah get?  A white pencil with a dozen Dallas Cowboys logos printed on it!  And would any of the other kids trade with me?  Nope.1


Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a doughnut or sushi themed eraser!?  I’ll move onto anther obsession.  CHALK.  I remember eyeballing and being so excited when I got called on to finish a math problem or underline the verb on the chalkboard!  What kid was excited to get called on to complete the math problem? Me!  Why?  I got to hold the chalk holder! holder Please tell me you know what I’m talking about when I reference a chalk holder!  So even though my kiddo is still very little, I’m collecting fun things for her (really me, for her, for me) to have later on in school or at home.  Who knows though with this day and age that when she’s older these things might be considered nerdy!  And if that’s the case that’s ok with me because I still love them and when she’s out doing non-nerdy things I’ll pull them out and stare at them like a freak.  I’ll be thinking about when I was a kid and all I wanted was the simple things.

I certainly don’t remember our chalk being this cool.  Sidewalk chalk in the shape of ice creams?  A sidewalk chalk in the shape of a push-up ice cream?! Come on!  That is just the coolest thing EVER!