Worth it? Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

So is the infamous Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette really worth the splurge?


Too Faced Cosmetics claims: The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums. Includes our signature how-to Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.

Retail: $49.00





So, is it worth it?


ABSOLUTELY! This is hands down, my favorite palette thus far. So the texture of these shades differ among each other greatly depending on finish.  The matte shades are silky, the satin shades are soft and saturated, the shimmers are buttery smooth and the few with glitter particles are very dry and flaky.  So why would this be my favorite palette?  I think its the combination of colors they have chosen to put together honestly.  None of the colors are that unique but they are VERY wearable and super easy to work with, with exception to the glitter shades.  For me, this palette is way worth it based on shades, bendability and pairing options.

DISCLOSURE: All candy used for photography purposes was stolen from a said 3 year old’s Halloween bag within the blog authors dwelling. I mean really, can she prove I borrowed them?  Thanks for stopping by.





11 thoughts on “Worth it? Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

    • ABSOLUTELY! I had all three of the Nakeds plus the Naked Basics and sold them all. Why? Because I’m a satin/matte girl and if you really consider each palette had two mattes and the rest were frosts, shimmers etc for the money I felt it simply wasn’t worth it. It was like a $200 investment for really a handful of satin/mattes that aren’t unique at all. Plus yes UD shadows have a buttery texture but they can be quite powdery in my opinion.


  1. Bahahaha I love your disclosure just a little bit more than the brilliant idea to photograph this picture with actual chocolate as the background! I agree with your review 100%. For me, I don’t care too much that the glitter shades are chunky bc I don’t really wear them anyways but it’s nothing a good primer and ton of patting can’t work out even so. I just picked up the Everything Nice palette too and was very happy to find that while it is also very neutral there were no repeats from the Chocolate Bar palette!


    • I had a nightmare of glitter fallout from one of the shades despite using it wet/foiling it and using a sticky base. My BIGGEST hatred in life is glitter on my face or on me anywhere for that matter! Ohhhhhh…I must check out the Everything Nice immediately though I suppose after VIB and FF…it’s probably gone. I limited myself to a couple items that I really wanted but passed on months ago. The entire Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection. Did you pick up anything during the sales?

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      • LOL I agree… unless you are a mythological creature of the fairy type, 9 years old, or answer to Kesha, no one should have glitter on their face! Definitely if you can I say go for the Everything Nice palette. The Sugar and Spice Ulta exclusive is nice too but you don’t get the face products or as many eye shadows. OMG. Firstly, I love Pulp Fiction. Secondly, I love the palette! And $16!? I’m thinking about ordering another one because these are just perfect mattes… I picked up the Tarte Pin-Up girl palette and just picked up some new brushes and the new IT cosmetic palette with their 25% off friends and family sale but I’m otherwise trying to hold out and see what else is released. I did get the liner set from UD but I’m sending it back because I probably won’t use it and really just bought it because it looked pretty atm #shoppingaddict


      • Oh I die! You are hilarious! After getting the palette in this last week, I’m in love with it too! And yes, thinking of a backup too. Did you think the pigmentation was superior and less powdery than the shades in the Naked palettes too? Or am I totally making it up in my head? I have this “thing” with Tarte after they sold their brand and changed the names on some of their products. Plus like every blush I have purchased had hard pan. I suppose I’m in the minority of not being impressed by Tarte. And I totally do that too…I will actually have an anxiety attack forcing myself to try to make the choice to buy something. So not cool or normal! Find yourself a seat and sit down girl. Ok, are you sitting? I sent back the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. WHAT!? Yep. Ugh! #sodramatic

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      • LOL! What did you send back the hourglass palette for!? For the price, it would have to blow me away. I went with the Tarte blush palette but am still not sure how I feel about it. I really only like 2/5 of the blush shades and I don’t feel they last as long as they are made out to be. I’m a Tarte newb to be honest so we’ll see how it goes. As for the PF palette, I actually don’t own any of the Naked palettes! They just don’t appeal to me… way too much shimmer. But I have to agree that the pigmentation is there and they are certainly not nearly as powdery as what I’m experiencing with the Vice 3. It’s such a good palette… I just can’t believe you don’t hear more about it! I think it’s because PF is more of a guy movie? I’m just sitting here thinking of the clientele that normally walk into a makeup shop and I’m thinking 70% of them are probably not fans of the movie lol. It’s a shame though because it really is a wonderful palette.


      • Well the shades were kinda bizarre on my paley-o (NC10) skin. I already owned the Mood Exposure passed it to my mom who is deeper. The others were bright on me. Just didn’t LOVE it for the price, so you’re right. And you’re ABSOLUTELY correct regarding the demographics of the PF, I wonder who the PR person was to choose a PF collection. It’s so dope though…she’s gotta be an awesome chic! I assume sales sucked on it or it wouldn’t have been put on sale and so quickly for that matter. Oh well, us true fans got a steal! It’s a rough and tough movie…the dulcet gals were probably horrified they made a PF collection. Bahahahahahaha chicken poo poo’s!

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  2. YAY! I love it when other people also love something I love. Is that weird? This palette is a total buxom babe in a sea of plain janes! Also, the Pulp Fiction palette – just horning in on an above comment – is AMAZEBALLS. I’m a litlte sad I paid full price and missed out on getting it for $16 bucks, but damn, it’s worth it. Tyranny and Vengeance are HG shadows for me! LOL at your disclosure!


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