Mascara Monday: Blue Mascara feat. Almay

Applying a thick couple layers of blue mascara on the lashes can be unexpected eye brightening and opening. Be it a royal blue or a sharp electric blue, the color automatically reflects in the eye and camouflages the yellow to make it appear more white.

These concepts come easy to me because my primary interest in life has been art and I understood color theory very early on.  I think if I hadn’t studied art and for those not particularly interested in it, color theory can be confusing.  Color theory does apply directly to makeup and camouflage concepts. If you apply a blue shade of eyeliner, eye-pencil or kohl to the inner rim of your eyes, it can trick people into seeing your eyes as much brighter, glowing and whiter than they actually are. This same concept can be done alternatively by using a blue tinted mascara, particularly for those with small or deepset eyes such as the ones I have. If I use a darker color in the rims of my eyes it can appear to close them in even smaller.


Now take caution if choosing the electric blue shade, you may give off a 1980′s vibe. Though if that’s your flava, then hit it. However I prefer the more modern blue shades of mascaras like the one from the Dior, DiorShow line, Chanel’s Le Volume De Chanel, YSL Babydoll or the more budget friendly one I’m loving right now, Almay’s Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara in Sapphire. These shades are much more subtle in color.


A few additional tricks I’ve been pulling is to apply it as the final coat over black or brown mascara (I’ve tried it on both and it worked) or just apply it to the tips of the top lashes only. Again, it’s a subtle effect but it works! Another thing I like to do is use a navy eyeliner to the top lash line and to the tightline area but leaving the bottom waterline either unlined or using a beigy colored one.

The photo below shows me wearing a navy blue liquid liner (Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Navy Blue) then I used a brown mascara and with the same navy liquid liner, I painted the individual lashes with the liquid liner.