TheBalm Haul & Swatches

For many reasons San Francisco California is near and dear to my heart. So naturally I was very excited when TheBalm, a San Fran born company put on a flash sale benefiting children in the Bay area. The sale was 50% off everything site wide.  Can you we also talk about the fact that the company’s mascot is a PUG! Wh#@$!

Do you ever wonder if Chelsea (Chelsea wears), Cora (Vintageortacky) or Karen (Makeupandbeauty) run into each other shopping around in Sephora San Fran? Maybe one day I’ll run into one of them on the on-going trips I take there. That would be AWESOME-POSSOM!

These are the items I took advantage of.


NUDE ‘Tude- Naughty Palette $36.00 11.08g/ea.


Meet Matt(e) Nude $42.00 25.5g/ea.


Bahama Mama $20.00 7.08g/ea.



3 thoughts on “TheBalm Haul & Swatches

  1. 1. “Matt Wood” and “Matt Johnson”! Am I just twisted or is this hilarious?! 2. I’m still smarting over missing out on that Muppets palette theBalm released awhile ago. I wanted it so bad!! 3. OMG, I would flip biscuits if I ran into Karen shopping! Doesn’t she seem like the funnest human ever? Hearts and ponies to you, mi amiga!


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