MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick, Lipglass and my Spicy Olive Bloody Mary

When I unboxed these beauties for whatever reason they instantly reminded me of my old favorite sippy sip! So what did I do? Busted out the liquor.

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Caring for leather and what’s in my bag

First and foremost I am an avid fan of leather.  Please, if you are offended by leather products you probably shouldn’t be reading this.  It is so important to care for your expensive leather bags, wallets etc.  If you are spending the money to invest in an expensive leather good, why not take care of it and make it last as long as possible!

Products to purchase:

Chamberlains Leather Milk.  Alternatively you can use Ponds Cold Cream, however it just clean the bag it will not condition or restore it.  It is great moreso for pen markings and stains.  You can find Ponds in almost all drugstores (thumbnail of what Ponds looks like can be found below at the end of the post) and you can find Chamberlains at any saddle shop or Amazon.  It is usually around $20.00.  The Ponds is usually under $10.00 but will obviously vary depending on drugstore.  You will also need a buffing pad, you can find these at the saddle shop or in the auto section of Walmart or the like.  Chamberlains is all natural and not harsh or harmful.  You can use it on all types of leather.  Here I used it on my delicate Rebecca Minkoff calf or lamb leather as well as my Dooney and Bourke ostrich skin leather.



How to:

Just squeeze about a quarter sized amount onto the buffing pad and gently apply to the bag.  Rub it in gently in circular motions.  You remember Karate Kid right?


Wax on, wax off! lmao… Be sure though not to saturate the bag you are just moisturizing and cleaning it like you would your face.  A little goes a long way.  The bag will immediately appear brighter, though it will eventually dry down slightly into its original color.  I demonstrate below, the immediate before and after result of using Chamberlains…then below that photo you can see the natural color (butter) of the Rebecca Minkoff return back but the bag remains soft, clean and nearly spotless as the day I bought it.  I do this process every six months or so.





So what’s in my Rebecca Minkoff bag you ask?





Philosophy Hope In A Jar A to Z BB Cream Rave, Review

Philosphy’s Hope In A Jar A to Z Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen Complexion Perfecting BB Cream (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NAME?) is easily one of the nicest products I’ve put on my face to date. I was somewhat skepitical initially because I am not fan of or believer in BB creams or the like but a gal on Youtube suggested that I give this a try and I am certainly inpressed. First and foremost if you haven’t heard of Tarababyz on YouTube, you MUST follow her. She is amazing and she hauls more than anyone on YouTube…it’s incredible. Please leave her a comment letting her know tatt2thruandthru sent ya! Continue reading

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smoky Longwearing Shadow-Pencil Review and Swatches


Maybelline: Mastering the smoky eye has never been easier. 2 simple steps: 1) Draw thick line 2) blend with expert smudger ultra saturated pigments in a creamy blendable formula. Ultra saturated pigments glide on in a creamy formula for long-lasting, sultry color.


So this pencil in theory is supposed to create an easy smoky eye. Yes, you can achieve a smoky eye but there are a few problems with this pencil. So it does smoke out REALLY nicely, however it dries in super speed time, like the second you apply it, it dries. You have to IMMEDIATELY smudge. This is super problematic when you are trying to make the line across your lashline. What’s even more problematic is that it doesn’t like to layer upon itself. So really you’d have to 1. make the perfect shaped line across your lashline first try 2. Get the exact amount of liner (thickness) on your lid portion that you want. 3. Smudge it all at once and immediately before it dries because it doesn’t like layering and you end up tugging on your skin badly once it has dried.  4. After the first couple of uses the pencil shape naturally dulls down to a rounded shape making it a nightmare to use near the lashline.  I can’t think of trying to create a smoky eye with this pencil and not starting at the lashline.  There are a million different ways to create a smoky eye but using a pencil like this you could only begin at the lashline.  5.  It’s claim to easy removal is false.  I washed twice with both MAC Cleansing Oil and Philosophy Purity and there was STILL product fishing around.  And finally, I chose the shade Scorching Brown.  When I swatched and smudged it out  on my hand (see photos below) it was a flat dark brown.  However by the mysteries of the universe or through smoky pencil magic, on my lids a very slight shimmer showed up! Hmmm.

Let me just say that I do like the pencil, would I repurchase? In a pinch, yes. For instance, I’m traveling somewhere and I don’t want to take brushes, eyeshadow… and all I really want to do is throw on a little liner and mascara. Otherwise, I would never think about purchasing it.


Drugstore Haul and Swatches

Went shopping on a whim, again, and picked up a few Wet N Wild goodies and Essie polishes.  This was my first taste of Wet N Wild eyeshadows and I’m pretty impressed I must say!


Wet N Wild Palettes L to R: Silent Treatment, Floral Values, Sweet As Candy, Walking on Eggshells

Essie Polishes L to R: Warm & Toasty Turtleneck, Belugaria


Nars And God Created The Woman Swatches

*UPDATE: This palette has recently been re-released at

I know this palette is somewhat old news and is limited edition but I thought I’d do swatches for those of you that might be interested.

What this palette contains:

$59.00 0.03 oz ea. shadow, .9oz Pro Prime, #3 Eyeshadow Brush (travel size)

Eye Shades in Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing